This work is an exploration of interactions,  creating an atmosphere that is in a constant state of change, a space of echo.

These paintings are restrained in representation, posing questions on abstraction within representation. The technique of slowly drying paint captures the process of change. This echo creates an interaction between elaboration and free space. The paintings form a continuous process of critical repositioning and emergence, where organic motifs intertwine with fluid lines to create landscapes of the mind. The  interplay of floral imagery serves as a conduit for the exploration of  emotions,  bridging towards abstract. Where fragmentation of contextual elements challenges conventional notions of representation, foregrounding the process of painting itself as a narrative of becoming. Each floral motif transcends its static form to become a vessel for the expressive potential of paint, embodying the essence of an evolving idea rather than a fixed concept. These resonant phenomena, though at times appearing ephemeral and unstable, serve as portals to active and receptive processes of understanding and introspection.